I was sitting in SportsClips the other day… awaiting a butchering from the hair “stylist” and there was a Woman sitting with her child.  Her child was ‘add’ing of course, swinging his legs, head bobbing like he was ridding in a car on an African safari, picking up magazines, picking his nose, basically doing anything to entertain himself.  Now this is normal child behavoir  of course… but then there was the parent.  She was sitting there right next to him watching her IPOD.  Seriously ? ! Have we really come to the point in society, when we are in public and we feel the need to have to watch reruns on our 2 inch screen?  Is the world really that boring?   She could care less what her child was doing.. 


This really just opened my eyes to how prevalent IPODs are in everyday life.  I am starting to see them everywhere, cars, bicycles, malls, etc.    And it makes me question WHY?  


Are people trying to escape ? Are people bored? 

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