Samsung i730

I purchased a Samsung i730 almost 2 1/2 years ago, and it still seems like it is at the top of Verizon’s phones.

 Samsung i730


  1. Touch Screen + Stylus + Full Keyboard.  I think the true deal here is that you have a full screen, AND a keyboard.  Since the keyboard slides, it leaves you a full touch screen
  2. Reliable  – the first phone i bought lasted over a year, until i decided to get it replaces because (mainly i had been paying $4 per month for insurance, why not use it) i had a small scratch on the screen.
  3. Email – Easily configurable to tap into any exchange server.  As a result i get integrated calander, contacts, and mail sent to my phone.  All are synced so if i add a contact on my phone it uploads it to my computer and vice versa… the same applys for Emails and Meetings.


  1. Obviously it is a little bulky, but all things considered its not too much thicker than the old school blackberry.
  2. It comes with Windows Mobile 2003.  Obiviously that is now 5 years old.  Luckly verizon offers a pactch to Windows Mobile 5, but even that is almost 2 releases behind.
  3. Memory  it has very little on board and you can not upgrade the “physical memory” that runs the phone os.  You can however add a storage card ( i got a 4 gig one for like $40).
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