The Online Marketplace

What can i say, about 7 years ago i was a huge fan of ebay.   You go to www.ebay.com click search and find some of the coolest things ever.  I used to be able to post a bid, days in advance.. and actually win it. 


 Now ? Not so much.  Does anyone else ever get that feeling that the owner of the item has a secret second account, and the second before you go to win they go and post 1 cent higher then what you had bid? Seriously ? It has to be happening… there is NO way that everyime i bid in advance i get out bid. 

What is the deal with all of the online stores?  Seriously, its about bidding, not shopping, if i wanted to shop i would go to a store..  Ebay has commercialized, and now it sucks finding what you want out there.. type in Xbox 360, and you will get thousands of useless accessories, all hosted by some Chineese Store that is willing to sell you the product you want for 40% the price because it is laced with lead.


Can someone explain to me how shipping has gotten so outragous on ebay ? Seriously?  To ship a 3lb. item its like $20, ship a ring its like $10.  So you are like well i guess that means they are going to package it nicely, and it arrives in an envelope?


yea ebay is no longer for me, i am kinda hoping someone else starts up a new online market palce for auctions and keeps the automated bidding programs, online stores, and everyone else that is out there waiting to ruin my experience at bay.  I want a bidding site that is basically a yard sale.. for normal people, and not out there to try to scam us average joes.






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