Hyped out Linux


It seems like all the really cool techies like to cling to their Linux box and proclaim that Linux is the cure for any computer problem out there.  Don’t get me wrong, i love Linux, i have a Linux box at home, and my work laptop is dual loaded with Windows XP and Fedora 9.  I keep up to date with the latest Linux builds but i also respect the ease of Windows.

Simple Use

 I defiantly believe that linux provides a cheap and simple solution for those who are lookin for a PC to simply browse the internet/check mail/chat.  It is an optimal solution because linux runs light.  You can take an old computer load Fedora or even a “extra light” distro and it will run fine.  It will perform about as fast as anyone would need to chat, check email, and browse the web.  Now you take and load Windows on that same box.. and you will be struggling to make it through the startup sequence.

However lets say i take and old laptop and load a linux distro on it for my parents/sister.  Could you imagine what would happen if for some god forsaken reason it reboots to the console?  Or something goes wrong and you are now sitting at a console window and need to type startx, init 5, startkde ?  I mean that is just giberish to them, and the second they see any of that stuff… Ring… Ring .. Ring….. HEllo ?   Now i understand that is a rarity for that to happen, but it could happen.   Why do you think Microsoft pretty much got rid of dos?  I mean is almost impossible to start up and end up at the old school dos command prompt.  

 At the Work Place

Lets not joke ourselves… the size of the population that use linux is relatively smalled compared to the army of business users that are using Windows.    Can you imagine how much training would be involved if you tried to convert the average business to a Linux based solution?  Even the simple jump from MS Office to OpenOffice would be a hurdle.  All the functionality is there.. but its not in the same place, or doesn’t work the same way as it did in windows…

Dont get me wrong… if I could work for a company that everyone used linux.. i would.  HOWEVER i would only do so if the entire company were pure bred linux users.  In order to gain the full advanage of using Linux, you really want to make sure people have the tools they need to survive.   If not everyone is just going to want to to Windows stuff on a linux box.. versus taking advantage of linux for what it is…

Right now Windows XP rules the world, people like simplicity, and simplicity sells. 

Adavanced Use 

Anyways, for the advanced computer user, or a person wanting to learn i recommend Linux.  ITs a whole new world, nothing is more empowering than being able to customize your os, and once you have conquered one build… time to move on to a whole another distro… 

But i defiantly think Linux is for a special breed of people.  I work as an IT consultant and there are some people who are incredibly great at what they do… but the despise linux, because they love the simplicity of Windows.  There is no need to run any scripts, or even mess with the command line, in windows they can do everything via GUIs…and i don’t hold anything against them for it…

However i like the ability to keep my box pure, if i dont set any global variables.. i can have a bunch of different environments and with a simple script execution i can launch a Java 1.4 or Java 1.5 environment and once the console closes… back to a clean system.  (I recognized the fact you could do the same in windows, but it wouldn’t be as easy in linux….. Can you say windows registry  ? )



So in the end.. i love Linux and windows.. i like the ability to switch between the two.  In a way Linux can be ,out of the box, more powerful than windows, but don’t forget there is a huge market out there for all of those people who want Linux functionality out of windows….

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2 comments on “Hyped out Linux
  1. M H Bell says:

    I have to agree with you 100% I also Dual Boot and have to go to Windows if I want to do any OCR or Professional Scanning with my HP Flat Bed Scanner. Not supported in Linux. I maintain several Blogs and Websites for others and Use Linux most of the time, but do find that I need to boot into windows part of the time to get my work done.

  2. chi says:

    i think its an unfortunate truth, that linux will probably never gain widespread popularity with the general populace until it can be used without the user having to touch the command line.

    ‘course, i love BASH, it makes me happy. but most people want the pointy-clicky thing, like you said.

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