Microsoft’s Bad Rap

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Microsofts evil empire?

I have been in the IT industry for a while now, and there seems to be a black cloud that has been cast over Microsoft.   Over the years i have become proficient in Java, C++, Python, and C (and in that order) i never had the opportunity to do any .net work.  People always talk about how crappy Windows has been coded, and there seems to be some people who live and die java, they think java is the greatest thing on earth.. but unfortunately.. its not.


Microsoft has an amazing platform for developing anything from WebServices to GUIs.  There IDEs are much more powerful then anything i have seen in the java eclipse or net-beans world.  Now i will say, of course, that you have to pay for the Visual Studio 2008 IDE, and i have never purchased any java ides but it just seems like the MS VS 2008 is well tested and mature.  You can tell it has been modified over the years for development and really makes your life easier.


Web Services

I was able to get a Web Application up and running within 15 minutes. THE FIRST TIME.  In java… good luck.  The .net framework is almost over simplified in design.  When coming from J2EE i was like where are all the XML files i need to create or generate ? ? Where is my Web.xml.. i was almost lost.. i wanted to hand jam some type of deployment descriptor in order to get it to work… but i didn’t!  ALl my boilerplate code was generated for me.. and i could move on with my life.

 Language in General

Now that i have touched the C# world its going to be long transition back to java.  C# really does give you more tools when it comes to coding… from delegates, to partial classes, to Linq.  It just seems like the language is experienced,  that the core foundation was layed a long time ago, and they now have moved on to enhancements.

Greatest Deficiency

Portability.  Hands down java smacks C# in the face when it comes to Platform Independentnesss.. So if you are going to need to run on linux, or be able to support linux breeds C# is not your solution.  The linux (mono) is just not there yet.


So in the end, to all those people who thing MS doesn’t know what they are doing.  MS has a sick suite of tools when it comes to developing software.  Much better then any suite i have seen to date.  They are way ahead of any other language or tool set, so i think it might be time to give them some props…







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