The Global Climate Crisis

We shall  get to my thoughts but before we get there let me give you some info


So in “theory” there has been a  noticeable trend in the rise of the ocean and surface temperature of the earth.  I will try not to be too condescending with my summary but we are talking about less than 2 degrees Fahrenheit since 1850.  Regardless most scientist that believe in global warming contribute it to our “carbon footprint” on the word.  That has we humans grow our green house gas contributions grow which will result in another degree rise in temperature before the end of the 21rst century. Phew…   Side affects of global warming is the rise of sea level, increase in major storms,  glacier melting, species dying out, the world ending, etc (i threw in the last one). That is my crash course propaganda filled summary of global warming

 Al Gore

What can i say?  Sometimes i wish that he would have won the presidential election back in 2000 ? Wouldn’t that be great?  Its amazing how when u lose by so little, your life shatters and you have to find a new “passion.”  I.e. a way to make money, and unfortunately Al found Global Warming, and a lot of gullible human beings.  Anyways Dr. Gore wont a Nobel Peace price for his work with promoting global warming.  WHAT!  Seriously ?  How do you pull that one off ? I guess they felt sorry for his loss back in 2000.  Anyways

North Pole Melting This Summer

Okay so i am going to give you this one unadulterated.  THIS is what inspired me to write this blog.  So someone(scientist) today came out and set that as soon as this August the north pole might disappear.  Santa has recently been spotted packing up his stuff and moving toward Antarctica. 

They also gave a 50% chance that this was going to occur.  Seriously!  Okay i have a prediction there is a 50% chance that it will rain on Sunday, and the weather man says there is a 70% chance, but honestly?  If it doesn’t rain aren’t we equally wrong ?  

Anywho sorry…The article i read stated “this year’s northern melt is yet another example of the impact that global warming is having on the planet’s environment ” (CNN Article on North Pole).  So obviously if one of the caps to disappear last year, it was do to global warming… this is such a painful blog to write.

Finally… Scientist Capito’s view on Global Warming

Where shall i start.  First, if you are going to refer to something as a Global Crisis, you are going to have to produce some major facts, or i am going to look at you and refer to you as a moron.  I constantly ask myself where are the facts?  Back in January/December we had one of the coldest recorded winters, but that has simply been classified as an anomaly… Whose to say we are creating this warming ?  Don’t stars grow as they get older ?   Couldn’t the Sun be expanding and thus causing an increases temperature on earth ?   Couldn’t volcanos or Florida/California fires be contributing to global warming ?

I don’t dispute the fact that the temperature has risen in the last 150 years, i do dispute we were the cause.  How do scientist over look the fact that the world used to be covered by ice ? Did the 3 toed sloths produce such a large carbon pawl print that the caused all the ice to melt ?

Politicians are the ones that are driving this crisis they are the ones that are pushing ignorant thoughts (i like that term) about the crisis that is global warming.  I guess my real problem is the fact that people will believe anything that they read/hear.  People are lazy now days and don’t  do their part when forming their own beliefs.  The part that they are missing is 1 actually developing their own beliefs, and 2 researching the facts in order to form a valid belief. 



Bottom line, if you find your self in a crisis,for arguments sake lets say the crisis is Global Warming, don’t panic, don’t head for the hills, pick up a book read it, then pick up another book and read it, and then form your own educated opinion on the crisis at hand.

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