BizTalk References ‘Gotch’yas

BizTalk Application References

Ever deployed something with biztalk, and got

Inner exception: Could not load file or assembly <assembly info> or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

When you know you installed it to the gac? 

BizTalk Orchestration References

Or when you are developing in Visual Studio, update a reference library, and then try to access something you changed?  Only to see that it isn’t an even an option in the auto assist?


Well i have found that VS Biztalk Solutions do not* update references after you change them. As a result when you deploy it uses old assembly info, and when you are auto-assiting it does not populate with the new assembly info.   A quick/easy, yet really annoying, way around this is to unload your BizTalk solution that contains your orchestrations, and then reload.


Once you have done this, redeploy, and restart the biztalk host instance, and VOLIA!  Error gone.

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