Starbucks Hype

So why do people obsess with Starbucks?   I am currently sitting in a Starbucks in the airport, and if you can look passed the unique arrangement of people coming in, it comes down to two types:  the experienced, and the inexperienced.


“The Experienced”

These are those people who walk in and start listing off an order in some archeic overly complex language(Roman Numerals ring any bells? ).  Overlooking the fact that it would have been simpler to walk in and simply say I would like a  “Large Ice Coffeee.”    The woman blabbers out Iced, Single, Vente, Iced Coffee. WHat?!

I dont know if talking in clicks similar to the native language of Tanzania Hadza  (look it up) you feel like a better person than I, but I believe one of the attractions of coming into Starbucks, versus Duncn Donoughts is the ability to be a complete bad ass. 

I think people like strutting in, ordering their coffee, tightening up their posture and then turning around and give you the.. oh yea.. i just ordered that!

Wanna Bees

Oh and then my favorite, the first timers, or the “wanna “bees.”  I just watched a woman order an ice coffee(not using those babby terms of course), walk over to the condiment stand and take a 5 count on the sugar, and about a 10 count on the milk. 

By the time she was done it looked like off-white paint.  There is no way she likes the taste of coffee, she could get the same results by ordering ice, then adding her sugar milk.


Before you all go and think i don’t appreciate the cult that is Starbucks. I do, i fully understand that they make a mean cup of coffee.  The difference is, i don’t want to be a bad ass, i am the dude that walks in and uses 7 syllables to order my drink. 

 “I would like a large coffee,” and then they turn to me and say, “Vente“, house? I give them a mean look and say yes.



I know you all missed me, unfortunately a chaotic travel/moving schedule has caused me to go into hibernation, but with bad English and all I AM BACK.

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