Flight Delays (Part 1)

I don’t think I should be writing this article after traveling Sunday with a 6 hour delay, and returning Thursday with a 2 hour delay which forced an overnight stay in a roach hotel.

Flying is awesome, I LOVE flying; I love getting places quickly, and simply love the view from high in a plan.

But with flying comes annoyances and here goes my first!

Case Study

Last Sunday July 27th I got the pleasure of a 6 hour delay flight to FL.  Instead of telling me that we could not leave until the plane that is taxiing us arrives (from Boston) they casually keep pushing back the departure time. 

After an important message staying the fact that the flight from Boston had departed, an overly frazzled man walks to the counter and states that “he is going to take a different flight home.” 

The lady jokingly laughs and says “oh this poor man missed the last announcement, let him take his flight”. 

Well for some reason or another he was very unhappy with this poor ladies attitude, asked for her name she replied “Angela.” 

“Well Angela”, he says “I am going to go file a complaint, Angela, what’s your last name!” (At this point he is screaming) she of course refuses to give it to him and concedes and walks away. 

Me bored at this point, rolls over and goes to sleep.  Only to be awakened by this poor dude yelling in the middle of the air port.  “YOUR GOING DOWN ANGELA, NO ONE TREATS ME LIKE THAT,”… blah blah blah threat threat threat,  ..

“I am going to call the police!” Angelia says.

And here comes the money shot… “YOU call the police. I want you to call the police!” angry man says. 

Well I guess Angela got the last laugh because she called the police, and they came.  Oh did they come all 5 of them came and took Mr. Anxiety away.  10 minutes later Mr. Angry is now Mr Calm and is apologizing to Angela.

 The End

What I don’t like, people who are strung out on stress because they are on Vacation.  It’s like as soon as they know they are on vacation, instead of relaxing they get a nervous tick.  It’s time to start worrying, plan and do as much as possible, and also do your best to get worked up on all worked up all kinds of little things like cold food, traffic, delays, etc.   

This guy supposedly was a “frequent” flyer, I am assuming he didn’t learn those tactics during his tenure flying.  Did he seriously think his rant was going to do something? Or did he flip?  Completely go bonkers and had to unleash his uncontrollable rant that had been secretly building for some time now.

I can’t answer that, because I only know the angry man for about 15 minutes, during 10 of which he was yelling.   I will say when traveling you just need to roll with the punches.  Honestly you have no say what is going on.  The airline industry is going to do whatever they have to do in order to make money, and they don’t care who they step on in the way




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