Flight Delays (Part 2)


So this is really a personal rant on an individual, but after my flight got canceled I got the pleasure of being shafted with a stay at a local hotel, Microtel. I was actually astonished when I arrived and there was a like 10 deep at the reception desk. I instantly diagnosed the problem, the “receptionist” that was “dealing” with the customers was completely incompetent, I think a 10 year old could have done a better job. So with 10 people waiting she decided to answer the phone that was ringing, not once, but 5 TIMES!, no exaggeration. She kept answer the phone one after another, did she multi task? OF COURSE NOT. She answered the phone, one after another, not even taking customers in between

Midnight delays, and flight cancelations..

I learned a couple things from my recent travel nightmare with US Airways:
When your flight gets delayed, check where it is coming from, if the flight has arrived check whether, or do your best to find out what is wrong with the plan. If it hasn’t arrived then start calculating when it’s going to get there. So if it is coming from Boston, they might not say it, but you aren’t leaving until about 30 minutes after it arrives(cleaned and loaded). During my experience they didn’t tell us the flight hasn’t left yet, they kept us in the dark, so do some research on your own… you got the time.

If you get stranded without a flight, like I did on Thursday, grab a hotel. Now my first time doing this I got majorly screwed. The airlines offered me a “voucher” for a cheap say at a hotel. I took them up on it and ended up staying at a roach motel (Microtel brand) in Charlotte.
When you get the voucher call the number, they will give you a hotel deal, if it sounds like a piece of crap, aka Microtel, ask to talk to a customer representative. They will transfer you to someone who will list off all the options, and then you can make a better choice.

I found this out after I arrived at my hotel. And BTW the deal they got me, $45 per night was only $5 cheaper than the rate of the hotel. So be careful, the deal might not be as good as you might think.
Let it be known!

If a company is doing bad business. LET THEM KNOW! I have said before that when you fly you just have to know you are at the mercy of corporate America. The only thing we can do is inform the public, us, that we had a bad experience. If enough people complain, and share their experiences, we will be able to delineate the good from the bad carriers.
Jet Blue Plug.
I used to be a firm believer in US Airways, but now they have dropped down to my AirTran category, and they are average. Fly JET BLUE! No I don’t get a kick form saying that but if you want Direct TV, Direct Flight, and XM radio, consider flying BLUE.

Take care.

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3 comments on “Flight Delays (Part 2)
  1. jesson zafar says:

    agreed. recently flew us air and my flight was cancelled. terrible customer service. terrible delivery. funny, i played soccer w/ a nick capito!

  2. NIck says:

    Wow, parallel worlds… i played soccer with a Jesson Zafar ! ;).

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