Virigina Drivers, and their darn Hazard Lights

It twas’ a  Rainy Thursday night and after a very interesting journey home, after a rocky landing, dead battery, and torrential down pour. I finally made it onto the road, and more importantly the interstate, and was on my way speeding back to home.

Like I said, it was raining, heavily, outside and me and my Mazda protege was conservatively trekking home.  I was going a modest 60 in a 65 zone, the Mazda doesn’t like to go very fast in the rain, it starts thinking we are water skiing, and starts to get a little frisky on the road ways.  Cars are passing me, and I honestly didn’t have a problem with it.



All the sudden it was hazard time!  I don’t know why, i can’t explain it, i can’t rationalize it, quite honestly i can feel the aneurysm developing in my brain. 

Here is what i have come up with…



Someone thought hey., its been raining hard 45 minutes now, maybe i should make sure everyone else knows, its raining reallllly hard

Or maybe some brilliant individual thought, hey its raining lets cut my hazard lights on so all the other drivers don’t know whether i am breaking, turning, or pulling off the side of the road. 


I was furious.  I don’t mind people cutting them on if they are going to be idiots and drive 25-40 in a 65 zone.  Thats completely fine with me, you guys be safe, and i will quietly pass you and be on my way.   But to have your hazards on and be going 60-65 in a 65 zone, that’s just stupid. 


The only thing dummer(and yes dummer is not an english word, but it IS in my vocab), is to cut your hazard lights on because someone else has theirs on.  In my situation there were at least 5 cars all going the speed limit with there hazard lights on…


Seriously?  Did they think that people driving on the interstate, didn’t understand that monsoon rain + fast speed = hazard?


I dunno.

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