Out of no where…

Where IN the WORLD did http://www.twitter.comcome from?  Seriously.  A couple of weeks ago i hear the peeps at Fox And Friends give it a little shout out, i heard a random story about some, dumb, NBA player twittering durring half time… and now all i hear is how i should twitter…. SO I DID.

And the twittering begins..

After almost 4 days of twittering, i still dont understand.  I was able to successfully create a username, and then it hit… whats next?  I then messed around with different backgrounds till i settled on a neat little tree.  Still no clue what was going on i looked at the screen and twitter asked What are you doing?  Well its rude not to respond so i typed… “Can’t believe I am awake at 5:30 AM.”  And hit submit.  I then waited… and waited… then i realized.. just like this blog… no one is going to read it…tucked my head and then walked away.


All the sudden the magic began… i got a message from my friend Danny who had awoken from his slumber and posted what he was doing.  I was ecstatic to find out that he was letting me know what was going on.  Then the tragedy happened… Danny wasn’t posting to my wall… he wasn’t even talking to me.. he didn’t even know i had added him as a friend.  I was ashamed.  I went from feeling like a part of something… to being a complete loser again.    So yet again.. i tucked my head and walked away.


BAM.  and the Twittering Continues….

Being the trooper i am, i continually posted my status… and then the real magic began.. i had my first bite.  Danny (probably because he felt bad that i did not have 1 follower post a message in relation to any of my messages) responded to my status.  It was almost like we were having a conversation.  But we weren’t.  We were sitting in the same room, messaging each other.  Yet again confidence was shattered.


Shaq is really the only reason i twitter.  He seriously is one messed up dude.  How does a 7 foot tall NBA player find the time to twitter so well(  I have now raised the bar.. and want to follow in Shaq’s footsteps.   I constantly log on to see what nonsense he has posted…



Well just like this blog.. i really have yet to find the true purpose of twitter, and still have no followers.  But i will continue my voyage into the lonely oblivion.. and hopefuly things will turn around looking to Shaq for motivation.

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4 comments on “Twitter….
  1. jomatthews says:

    nice post!

    follow me on twitter and i’ll return the favor 🙂

  2. @ckarbass says:

    Twitter is slightly different from facebook in that relationships are two way on facebook….twitter is one way (broadcasting). Some people call it micro-blogging.

    That said, people do communicate with each other.

    For me, I find great value in following influential people in the high-tech/user experience/product management spaces.

    I get a constant stream of thoughts and news from industry leaders which is great.

    The fact that my friends can communicate with me or see that I’m at a bar/etc is just icing on the cake.

  3. Nick, maybe if you stopped commenting on all your roommates’ status and focused on yourself, then people would comment and reply. Until then, expect no followers, and a boring twitter experience. As for Shaq, leave him alone and wish Demi Moore a happy I love you day or something.

  4. NIck says:

    Jab. Shouldn’t you be focusing on your book instead of publicly attacking your roommate?

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