Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse

Well the ARC died, after a year of rugged travel.

I will say the ARC rocked, it felt good in my hand, but I always thought the receiver was too large(foreshadowing).   I am not sure if it was crappy hardware, or just a clumsy end used but in the end it was the receiver that died.  During its final hours the mouse would only work if the receiver was touching the mouse, not a very efficient process for a wireless mouse.

After the funeral I search the online world for a new a fancier mouse and that left me with the  Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse.

I was somewhat exceited to move away from the world of wireless receivers and into the Bluetooth world! Sssssshhh… as I write this wonderful blog about a mouse, it is sleeping.  It only works hard for about 15 minutes, and then takes a Siesta.

I haven’t pinned down the problem yet, but its very annoying. After short time being idle (1-2 mins) the bluetooth in the mouse just cuts off.  You would think a click or two would cut it back on but no…   Its not a good feature, and obviously not advertised, because after the bluetooth cuts of in the mouse, then the bluetooth in Windows then goes idle making it a very annoying reconnecting process.

I should have done my research, because upon Google this issue there are others that are experiencing the same issue.

My recomendation to anyone that has made it this far… get the ARC !  I found it online at for around30 bucks, a year ago and it was worth every penny.

I take back all the bad things i said about that little crappy wireless receiver… at least it works.

Anyone want to buy an awesome new mouse?


I did manage to make the problem less annoying by going to Device Manager->Blue Tooth Devices->Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth Module and turning off “Allow the computer to turn off to save power… (ill let u know if it starts going narcoleptic on me again)

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