“When angry, count to four. When very angry, swear.” ~ Mark Twain.

I started thinking the other day, ironically while talking to a customer service representative from a GYM  that could have the worse billing process in the world, about what people think they can accomplish by yelling at these customer service reps.  I will say it is very frustrating to still have a membership to a GYM, Tropical Fitness, after turning in TWO membership termination notices that is about 912 Miles away.  As I was having a peaceful, and productive, conversation with Crystal (on her personal cell phone) I was thinking about what would happen if I were to raise my voice and scream “mean” words where will that get me?  With kind words I was able to get out of my membership, and she even said

“You may use the facility for an additional month or gift it to somebody if you are not residing any longer in the area.”

How kind Crystal…….WAIT.?

The reason I called was because I got charged an extra month… then it clicked.. if you are nice, then you will get taken advantage of.  It wasn’t a gift.  I got charged an extra month and now they want me to use it.. so they dont have to refund..

I read the email from Crystal to my girlfriend Megan and her response… “You need to call her and be forceful. … if you want ill do i t for you…” (case and point me).

It has to work for some people… or the concept would be so innate.   Every time I have to call a customer service rep i get a nervous tick, its like deep in my subconscious  there is a devil sitting on my shoulder saying … louder… meaner…. louder… CURSEWORDS, I even have girlfriends lining up waiting to just go off on someone.

I built my logical tree around the concept that yelling does no good… and believe it or not after all of these bloated words I still believe that.  Yelling is not an effective way to voice your opinion, logic exists for a reason you should use it.   By the time words get elevated, logic goes out the door.   Think about the last time someone was yelling at you… if you were to say.. “you are yelling”.. their response… “I’m not yelling.”

So its best to keep your voice at a low decibel…  If the only way you can get what you want is by yelling, you are either talking to the wrong person or you are in the wrong situation.

Look where it got Mel Gibson?


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