Is it time for another revolution?

I am sold ;). is neat but I can’t even describe how it works?  Its currently light on adds, picture friendly, and full of hidden features, all the works for a trendy site.

All I can say is when I search a subject on google and then on duckduckgo I get the same results, but they are presented in two totally differn’t formats.  I tend to like duck better!

I can only hope that someone comes up with a cooler nick name for the site.

I am still learning the ins and outs…. so I will just help you get started with a feature list that can be found here


DDG also detects

  • ↓ or j  — next result
  • ↑ or k  — last result
  • Enter or l or o  — go to result
  • / or h  — go to search box
  • ‘ or v  — open in new window/tab
    Note: turn off pop-up blockers first.
  • r  — go to related topics (if any)

Try it out… and let me know your thoughts.

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One comment on “DuckDuckGo
  1. Thx for the nice write-up! I’m glad you like it :).

    Please let me know if you have more feedback,


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