Google Extensions You Need to Use.

I’ll start with the first since I know very few will make it till the bitter end.

#1  Ultimate Chrome Flag – Most importantly gives you the Web of Trust (WOT) Rating.  Which is a community based rating system that  rates the site in the following categories:

–          Trust Worthiness

–          Vendor Reliability

–          Privacy

–          Child Safety

The extension also gives you th whois, geographical region, and other links to web page integrity.

#2 Proxy Switchy!

This will be of no use for those who don’t have to navigate around proxy/firewall restrictions at work.  Instead of manually toggling proxy settings you can set rules that will auto navigate you away from your pesky IT Staff.

#3 Google Mail Checker Plus

I know most of you all have your gmail on your iGoogle page, and have GTalk running in the background notifying you of any email that arrives, but why not have 1 more?  Google Mail Checker Plus takes it to the next level, and gives you an icon in chrome that will notify you, when new mail arrives.  It even allows you to preview the emails!

#4 FastestChrome

Last but not least is FastestChrome.  This has two major perks, first being it will “auto browse” pages.  Really useful in searching, it basically will display new results as you scroll down.  The second perk is allowing you to highlight text in browsers and then search Google/Wikipedia/etc with 2 clicks.  You can even just hover over the icon and it will give you a quick search result.

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