is a community based Question and Answer site that is free and reliable. When people are having those completely random, inexplicable issues, while developing code and there is no solution in site this site is your savior. Unless you are coding in Cobalt or some other really rare environment you post a question, and within seconds will get some type of feedback. It’s been along for so long why am I blogging about it? Well recently, they finally released an api that allows for you to share your reputation as an image. For years they have allowed this, but it was javascript/iframe based which did not allow for embedding in public forums(most strip out the html markup).


Today I am happy to announce to you that this is no longer a limitation.


They now have an url friendly way to share your rep!

So why is this important to share with people?  Well SO is a reputation based site, so as you help other people you gain reputation.  Here is how the reputation works:

    answer is voted up:  +10

    question is voted up:  +5

    answer is accepted: +15 (+2 to acceptor)

    post is voted down: -2 (-1 to voter)


Reputation is not easy to come by, there are a lot of bored developers out there trolling the site just waiting for a question they can answer,and the community is not shy about down voting bad answers.  As a result the reputation you earned is well respected among software developers.



I recommend you getting involved in the site on both sides.  If you are having issues, ask questions.  If you are looking for some feedback on a design idea?  ask the question.  If you are doing something you aren’t quite sure is industry standard?  ask the question.


And when you don’t have any questions to answer, spend a couple minutes a day helping out others.  I guarantee the process of helping outers will increase the breadth and depth of your knowledge.



The creators of SO recently have expanded their sites to other areas most can be seen here ( these sites range Administration (server issues),  Programming,  Food, Music, Gamming, so if software isn’t your thing.. maybe one of the other sites might make for a good hobby…

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