Reached the end of the internet?  This site will help StumbleUpon.


I feel like this is a paid advertisement, I assure you it is not, but this is a pretty neat site that is basically a “pandora” for web sites.  You enter in the types of stuff you want to see…


Then click “Save Preferences..” then click  Stumble!


It will then randomly choose a site for you for me it was (


This time, it chose an amazingly funny video… notice the appearance of a toolbar there which gives you various options. 

Lets stumble one more time


This time it took me to a site in the  “Health” category…


A little about the usage of the site.. first its free!  All you have to do is register.



1. Stumble (click it and it will take you to a new website)

2. I like it, basically says show me more like this.

3. Thumbs down, didn’t like this one… try not to show anything like this.

4.  Share options these allow you to post to facebook, twitter or email (icon or share button)

5. The drop down list that says All topics allows you to toggle between your categories.  So in stead of looking through everything maybe you want to see “News”

6.  Lastly is Conversational icon and that takes you to a site which shows you what users thought of whatever you were viewing.


On the far right side of the toolbar:


You will see some additional icons. 

1. “’0 Favorites” takes you to your favorites page which is anything that you have given a “thumbs up”

2.  You have a home icon that takes you to

3.  Lastly the x is how you close the icon bar.


One final note is the globe SU icon above the house is the google chrome extension that will bring up the toolbar whenever you want.  Its useful if you want it you can install it here:


I have found it useful, esp. when i reached the end of the internet….

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