Annoying Email Messages

Advertisement emails… we all get them, even though we uncheck that stupid box “Subscribe to Promotions.” 


But its time to stop ignoring them.  Think about all the time you spend managing emails that you don’t even read?  The process is generally open the email, close it.  Ah…. the email is now changed from Unread to Read… or the image is now image . Or we have to click a bunch of check boxes, and then select “mark as read”…


But its a small price to pay for a piece of mind…we will all sleep better now knowing that we have no unread mail.


There is a better way to go about this and its to actually open the mail… scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Unsubscribe.” By law they have to give you the opportunity to opt out.. but be careful.. there is a reason i am writing this blog…


Let me show you what I just went through with Bose…

Step 1.  Open the email, and scroll all the way to the bottom.


Step 2.  Click the “click here” link. If you can’t follow this step, please hit the backspace key…

Step 3.  A page will appear that is seemingly simple, just enter your email address and click “Unsubscribe.”


Step 4.  Voilà!  Done…. wait.. am I?

Step 5.  A new page will appear, with what you just typed in, click “Unsubscribe” again!


Voila!  Done!  This time it says:



The lesson to be learned, is to never stop until you see confirmation that whatever company has received your request to unsubscribe.  Bose knows that some people would have stopped after step 4.  Most people trust it will be a simple process, enter email, click button, done.


Take the time an unsubscribe from advertisements you don’t want….

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