Verizon Customer Service and IT Continued…

Its no shock that my experience dealing with Verizon customer service ended with this survey:


1.5 Hour earlier:

In attempt to access my DVR.. so i log onto click some links and ultimately try to transition to  You would think it would be simple?  But unfortunately their portal blows.  I log into, click My Verizon Services –> TV-> MY TV , and I get redirected to

(the same thing happens when I log into directly)

1 Hour earlier

I log into verizon support chat to talk about my issues.. well I can’t explain to the rep what sso is so I let her take control and try to “log in” herself.  She kept logging in and saying see it works!


Except the fact its just an Advertisement “portal” screen… as soon as i click anything it crashes…


She kept trying to log in, at one point she tried to clear my “browsing history" not the actual cookies or objects, just the sites i had visited.. that surprisingly didn’t work.. after the 10th time attempting to log into the FiosTvCentral Site…

1 Hour later.. (I give up…)

Verizon_1 Verizon_2

Head explodes.. (but i was right..)

Verizon_3  Verizon_4


Unfortunately Someswara will not meet her goal, because I love Verizon’s service, but I can’t recommend putting anyone through the process of signing up for Verizon, arranging them to install it, and then having to pay a bill. As I have said countless time, Verizon’s internal IT entropy is killing them..


For anyone that already has Fios installed, and has been through the pain and agony above I fully recommend you stay with Verizon…

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One comment on “Verizon Customer Service and IT Continued…
  1. Jerry Duncan says:

    After spending an hour on the phone resetting with automated system and talking to 2 customer service, 1 tech support and 1 customer service rep, my issue still not resolved. They admit the box is bad and needs replaced but if i do not go on the internet and go thru another 2 hours of troubleshooting they will charge me to come out and replace faulty equipment? The customer service with verizon sucks! I had for 15 years brighthouse service however, their customer service with sub contrators sucks as well! So i switched to verizon because of their “superior quality product and service”. i have noticed absolutely no superiority in the quality and the service is even worse! I have had problems with the service, quality of equipment, products and pricing since dqay one. Persionally I am going to check into a majic jack and dish network and save 100.00 a month and future headaches dealing with verizon in the furture!

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