Back from the dead… WordPress blogging tip for coders – Code Excerpts.

So a while back i stopped blogging, of course very few would know that since no one reads this blog.  Well the good news is I am back!

I recently transitioned from Windows to my arch nemesis Apple.  In doing so I cam across all kinds of things I should have blogged about but I never did.  One thing that had been keeping me from bloging was I lost windows Live Writer.  Which was the best blogging tool I have ever used.  So simple, and so functional.  Its a Microsoft product so obv. its not supported on a Mac so inorder to blog I needed an easy way to post code snippets…

This blog is dedicated to helping coders out there use the lovely TinyMCE editor that is built into  I was looking for something to assist me in posting code snippets, and failed miserably… couldn’t find any one out that had explained what I am about to explain to you.  Everything you need to do snippets is built into wordpress… you just needed to find this lovely post on WordPress GIST.

I just spent 185 words to show you  10 lines of code.  Steps are pretty simple… go to create your code blurb.  Then all you need to do is embed in your markup:

(I just used a gist to show you how to use a gist….) Where the URL is from the gist you saved.  Voila!

A simple way to post code to blogs.   Hope this helps, it defiantly helped me get back into blogging again.

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2 comments on “Back from the dead… WordPress blogging tip for coders – Code Excerpts.
  1. Brendon says:

    I also use the Gist plugin however did you know that WordPress has source code tag built int?

    • Nick says:

      A long time ago I think i used them, but it would not sytax highlight them… im assuming it works 🙂 guess i could have just used those!

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