What up?  Some how you have mistakenly browsed to my about page… but either way here i am!

My name is Nick Capito, grew up in Roanoke VA, with a bunch of great friends who have seemed to have spawled out all over the place.. I graduated Randolph Macon College and after 4 short years managed to steal a degree in both Computer Science and Mathematics.   Right out of school i became a software engineer for Northrop Grumman Corporation… after being frustrated about the bureaucracy that is big business i letf NGC and went to Amentra (a red hat company) in Richmond VA.  After Amentra became “Red Hat Consulting” I was yet again stuck working at a big business so it was time for a career change.  I left Red Hat  with a couple colleagues start my own software company Leanwx . Best choice I ever made.  Since leaving back in November 2011 I have been finally getting to work on stuff I want… we have embraced the cloud and have been working with Google Appengine (Non-Rel, Django, and Webapp2/Jinja) as well as venturing back into the wonderful “java” world  with Heroku/Grails.  I have also recently been doing a lot of design work with bootstrap, as well as working with some of the new JS libraries like MeteorJS and Angular JS 

My technology background is pretty well versed.. it ranges from C++->C# -> Java.. with Python and C# in between.  I have done a lot of MDA, Software Crafting, and C++ , .NET (C#, SQL Server, Biztalk.. etc)  and Java programming.

I have had a computer since birth.. so there isn’t much i can’t do when it comes to programming.


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