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Annoying Email Messages

Advertisement emails… we all get them, even though we uncheck that stupid box “Subscribe to Promotions.”  But its time to stop ignoring them.  Think about all the time you spend managing emails that you don’t even read?  The process is

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Verizon IT & Customer Support

Been really busy recently, so I haven’t had time to do some post, but luckly Verizon provided me with some inspiration.  So Verizon FIOS is amazing, I will not argue the fact that Verizon delivers an amazing product.  They do

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Reached the end of the internet?  This site will help StumbleUpon.   I feel like this is a paid advertisement, I assure you it is not, but this is a pretty neat site that is basically a “pandora” for web

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Posted in Entertainment, General, Web Sites, World Wide Web is a community based Question and Answer site that is free and reliable. When people are having those completely random, inexplicable issues, while developing code and there is no solution in site this site is your savior. Unless you

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Is it time for another revolution? I am sold ;). is neat but I can’t even describe how it works?  Its currently light on adds, picture friendly, and full of hidden features, all the works for a trendy

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Microsoft vs Yahoo

There is a reason I put them in that order, because Microsoft can exist in the absence of Yahoo, unfortunately Yahoo cannot say the same. The great debate continues, with a new plot twist, can Icahn convince the share holders

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