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Verizon Customer Service and IT Continued…

Its no shock that my experience dealing with Verizon customer service ended with this survey: 1.5 Hour earlier: In attempt to access my DVR.. so i log onto click some links and ultimately try to transition to  You

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Annoying Email Messages

Advertisement emails… we all get them, even though we uncheck that stupid box “Subscribe to Promotions.”  But its time to stop ignoring them.  Think about all the time you spend managing emails that you don’t even read?  The process is

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iPhone Users Have more Partners!

A recent article iPhone owners have more sex claims that iPhone owners have more sex.  Well it doesn’t claim that at all, if you read beyond the headlines it says iPhone owners have more partners. Huge difference, the only thing

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“When angry, count to four. When very angry, swear.” ~ Mark Twain. I started thinking the other day, ironically while talking to a customer service representative from a GYM  that could have the worse billing process in the world, about what people

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Virigina Drivers, and their darn Hazard Lights

It twas’ a  Rainy Thursday night and after a very interesting journey home, after a rocky landing, dead battery, and torrential down pour. I finally made it onto the road, and more importantly the interstate, and was on my way

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The Global Climate Crisis

We shall  get to my thoughts but before we get there let me give you some info Summary So in “theory” there has been a  noticeable trend in the rise of the ocean and surface temperature of the earth.  I will

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Really?    I was sitting in SportsClips the other day… awaiting a butchering from the hair “stylist” and there was a Woman sitting with her child.  Her child was ‘add’ing of course, swinging his legs, head bobbing like he was

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