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Interrupting your user

When designing user interfaces a lot of thought needs to go into when you are going to interrupt a user.  I am going to walk you through an example of what not to do.  My example deals with messing around

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Posted in C#, Issues, Java, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Programming, Windows is a community based Question and Answer site that is free and reliable. When people are having those completely random, inexplicable issues, while developing code and there is no solution in site this site is your savior. Unless you

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Code Based EntityFamework 3.5 SP1 Auditing

Background Our stack consisted of a status Quo SOA suite combining mostly Microsoft technologies, ASP.NET, WCF, and Entity Framework.  The primary purpose of the application was a custom content management suite; the users were performing basic CRUD with a dash

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Easy HD Backup.

Preparing for the worst. Unfortunately I did not.  I really wish i had taken the time to do some type of HD backups, if i had, i would not have lost everything.  A lot of people believe you need to

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Microsoft vs Yahoo

There is a reason I put them in that order, because Microsoft can exist in the absence of Yahoo, unfortunately Yahoo cannot say the same. The great debate continues, with a new plot twist, can Icahn convince the share holders

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Microsoft’s Bad Rap

Microsofts evil empire? I have been in the IT industry for a while now, and there seems to be a black cloud that has been cast over Microsoft.   Over the years i have become proficient in Java, C++, Python, and

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