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Interrupting your user

When designing user interfaces a lot of thought needs to go into when you are going to interrupt a user.  I am going to walk you through an example of what not to do.  My example deals with messing around

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.NET 4.0 Dynamic

There is a built in type now in .NET 4.0 called “dynamic.”  Just as its name implied its a lose type, it has an infinite amount of properties and methods…(reminds me of python)  This should not be confused with “var”

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Clearing Unwanted Chrome History Entries.

I will say this article is not for the faint of heart, or useful to 99% of the people out there but for me it was a major pain in the arse.  Anytime you find your self hacking around with

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A pessimist is never wrong.

I got into trouble a while back because I wrote a method that does exactly what I said it would do.  Strange huh?  I missed one important step, I trusted that the end user would respect the input requirements of

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Today’s most important software principles.

These vary from year to year as well as the type of software you are writing, but this day in age the following principles are directly related to large scale software development  I have seen a lot of large systems,

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When Documentation Goes Bad.

I’m going to paint you a picture, and when its over I want you to purge your memory.  Imagine being hired at a large company, given access to SharePoint, and then tasked to understand the Contract System.  You do a

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LINQ Hidden Gem

This tip wont be useful to most, but in case you find your self wanting to have a “default” in your query check this out. So lets suppose you have a table for languages ( I have denormailzed for an

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